Friday, May 7, 2010

A BIG.......

....sigh of relief is what I am breathing...
Ahhhh....deep breath.

We closed this morning at 8:30 on our Abilene house.
After about 20 minutes, we were done. Then, to the dreaded lobby to face the new owners.

Here's some background:
We had the most adorable first house a couple could have.
Built in 1919.
Completely redone but with all the character intact.
Saw the new homeowner at closing and has ruined that image ever since.
She was not someone interested in keeping my house so, so cute.
I've got proof...I've driven by.

So, you can sense my anticipation about meeting another couple who could possibly destroy my home.

The place I raised Reese for 2 years.
The house where I wiped tears, blood, mud, food...the house I held and rocked him, the house I read to him, played with him, grew with him...the house where Garrett and I shared more dreams, more tears, more love...

We rounded the corner to meet a husband and wife in, I'd say, their mid - late 50's.

They stood, shook hands and exchanged hugs.

The first words out of the mans mouth...

"We promise to take good care of your home...we promise."

Thank you Jesus, for leaving my memories of Abilene and a lot of what I hold dear to be sweet. Those people will love that house and enjoy having their grandchild running through the rooms, just as Reese did before.

And now, I'm ok with leaving, because I know someone is going to love my house just as much as I did....

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  1. This post touched my heart today. You are so special!! Good luck in Houston. :)