Sunday, June 27, 2010

"...and there is no grandfather who doesn't adore his grandson"
--Victor Hugo
Jimmie Edwin Rasor

Garrett's Papa Rasor passed away early Thursday morning after suffering a stroke the week before.

I've known Papa Rasor for 8 years and in those 8 years he loved me like I was his own granddaughter.

He and Memaw Rasor always had a smile on their face when Garrett and I (and then later Reese) walked through the door.

He knew about Garrett and I's Tech/UT rivalry of which he agreed with me. So for our two weddings, Papa Rasor wore a Tech tie.

I remember walking through the church before my dads funeral and seeing Papa and Memaw Rasor. They both hugged me and told me how much they loved me.
I will miss how much he loved Reese. He loved to see him and talk about him. Reese is a rowdy "all boy" boy and when he was around Papa Rasor he always had a sweet gentleness about him. I loved to watch them together.

I will miss his stories. He always had a good story. I heard some of them several times, but they never got old.

I will miss seeing him sitting in his green chair. I will miss us giggling that he had dozed off in his green chair for the 5th time in an hour. Already this weekend, him not being in his chair was something I already missed.
I will miss how when Memaw Rasor asked if anyone needed anything he always said "Of course, we need a piece of pie, Momma."

I will miss what a strong man of faith he was that was carried down to his son which was carried to my husband and now will be carried to my son.
But the thing I will miss the most is watching him and Memaw Rasor love one another.

Right after Garrett and I were married he was put in the hospital and we went to see him. When we walked in the room, all he could talk about was how much he loved Memaw Rasor and how he wasn't ready to go because he wasn't done loving her.

They were married for more than 60 years.

I loved how he called her 'Momma' and she called him 'Daddy'.

They were meant for each other and love stories like theirs aren't written much anymore.
Thank you Papa Rasor for the legacy you have left for us all. We love you and will miss you, always.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reese made a friend...

While in Town Center, Reese made a friend and asked for me to take his picture...

CRAZY kid!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"When I grow up, I want to be a little boy!"
--Joseph Heller

Reese and I made a stop at Pearland Town Center (this really cool outdoor shopping center) after his swim lessons on Tuesday.

It was hot, he was still in his swim trunks, and it looked like fun...

He LOVED the water fun and I was glad I had somthing to hold over his head while we shopped...

Thank you Pearland Town Center for giving my little boy something to smile and giggle about!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I met my friend Katie at Target last week.

She needed help with her 7 month old while she tried on some swimsuits.

I knew that if I was going to be giving her 7 month old my attention, then I needed to get something to keep my 3 year olds attention.

We walked in, smelled the popcorn and saw the Icee machine and I KNEW I found it!

Mr. Reese had his first Icee and it was a hit!

He loved, loved, loved, loved it and the popcorn. I didn't have to worry about him one bit!

And, he made a friend at the try on counter who let him have all the numbers to play with too!

This kid has developed such a little personality and I LOVE to see who he is becoming!

Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Ferry we go!

We made our first trip via the Ferry last weekend.

It turned out to be a disaster, but the Ferry was fun.

The beaches on Bolivar were plain nasty. We later found out it is the "party beach".

We were originally told it was the most beautiful of all the beaches here.

On our way back, on the two lane road in Bolivar we were behind a horrible car wreck.

4 Flight for Life helicopters, 4 ambulances, 2 wreckers.

It was bad.

We waited for 3 hours in that line to get back across the Ferry.

This will be one of those things we say "Been there, done that."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grocery Shopping....Reese Style

Before the grocery shopping can begin, you have to begin with a wardrobe worthy of shopping in...And of course any 3 year old is capable of picking out their own grocery shopping attire...

First things first, pick out a basket. Make sure the wheels roll straight.

Head into the store. Make sure you have a list because no one needs to be bringing home anything they don't really need.

Always start in the produce section. If you fill up your buggy with the good stuff you won't be as tempted with the unhealthy stuff.

Next, try to figure out where the heck they are hiding the honey? Make up your mind Candice. Is it aisle 7 or aisle 10!
Smile sweetly at the ladies you pass. You never know when your future wife is in the grocery store.

Give a a little wave to them as well. The ladies love that.

Take a rest. This grocery shopping is hard work.

Pay out and head to the car to load up.

Always load the heavy stuff on bottom. No one likes to eat sandwiches on smooshed bread.

Return your buggy to the cart return. Careful not to hit any cars.

Head back to the car as quick as possible because the ice cream is going to melt!

And there you have it....Grocery Shopping...Reese Style!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
--Proverbs 22:6

It has been our goal to work with Reese with money and chores and the lessons that can be learned from that.

Dave Ramsey has a "Financial Peace for Kids" and we bought it for Reese last year. It is for ages 3-12.

We decided to wait until we were all back together to start it.

Basically, it teaches them to work for "commissions" to earn money. They learn that their first portion goes to Christ, the next portion goes to savings and the rest is spending.

Reese has 4 daily chores, each of which he earns $0.25 for.
-picking up his toys
-putting his clothes in the dirty clotes
-setting the table (placemats and silverware)
-taking out the trash with Garrett (he takes his own little bag each day)

After each chore is accomplished, he earns a quarter and we mark it off of his chart.

His first quarter always goes into the "Give" envelope. He calls it his "Jesus" envelope.

Next, is his "Save" envelope.

He is currently saving $8 for some spaceship pool toys he saw at Outdoor World with Garrett.

And the last is the "Spend" envelope.

There are consqeuences as well.

We are working on fits and being disrespectful.

So anytime he goes to Time Out, he must pay back to us a quarter from any envelope except his "Jesus" envelope.

He's done good so far, until today.

He had to give back two quarters for going to time out twice.

He cried and cried and begged not to give them back. There were promises..."I don't want to yell at you mommy" and "I jus wanted to pway my dame (game) wif you daddy".

He is excited and enthused about it....but more than that, I hope he will learn some very valuable lessons as he grows and we do, too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"For me? Cause I a good boy!"

This took place last week...Reese's words...

"Momma, what's in dat box?

"My Gigi and PawPaw and Pa got me a surprise!"

"And my Memaw? Did she get me dis candy?"

"Dey got dis for me??Cause I a good boy!"

"Mom, gimme dat candy cause I need to eat it!"