Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grocery Shopping....Reese Style

Before the grocery shopping can begin, you have to begin with a wardrobe worthy of shopping in...And of course any 3 year old is capable of picking out their own grocery shopping attire...

First things first, pick out a basket. Make sure the wheels roll straight.

Head into the store. Make sure you have a list because no one needs to be bringing home anything they don't really need.

Always start in the produce section. If you fill up your buggy with the good stuff you won't be as tempted with the unhealthy stuff.

Next, try to figure out where the heck they are hiding the honey? Make up your mind Candice. Is it aisle 7 or aisle 10!
Smile sweetly at the ladies you pass. You never know when your future wife is in the grocery store.

Give a a little wave to them as well. The ladies love that.

Take a rest. This grocery shopping is hard work.

Pay out and head to the car to load up.

Always load the heavy stuff on bottom. No one likes to eat sandwiches on smooshed bread.

Return your buggy to the cart return. Careful not to hit any cars.

Head back to the car as quick as possible because the ice cream is going to melt!

And there you have it....Grocery Shopping...Reese Style!