Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reese's version of Taco Salad

So I am sure you are wondering what we feed Reese when we eat things that no 3 year old would ever eat.....

Well, he does eat what we eat....and then some...

I have long made Reese his own meals. He's picky, very picky, and I just want to make sure he eats most of the time.

But I decided that I was forming a habit that I didn't want to continue when he gets older, so I do modify some...

So, on Taco Salad night, Reese had:
-apples and peanut butter (his new fave. Anything with dip is ok in his book)
-string cheese
-chips (we were having them, there was no way around it!)
-taco salad

YES! He does have to eat what we eat.

I make him try anything I put on his plate for 3 bites.

Some nights we fight about it, but some nights its easy and he ends up loving it.

Tonight was an easy night because I have a salad lover.

Squash 3 nights ago was not so easy.....but he did it, and now we know he really doesn't like it.

Notice his cup? Tervis Tumblers are awesome....his is personalized with his name, and of course his favorite college logo. We all have them with our names and some family members will soon be getting their own for Fathers Day (I can say that because no dads read our blog!) Reese and I have lids and straws and pretty soon, these will be our birthday gift of choice for friends....cute idea and very reasonable. I also have a coffee mug.

And the middle picture?

It's the "Supper Prayer". He requested to say it and not the "Lunch Prayer". Didn't know we had either of those kinds of prayers....but, we do!

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