Sunday, June 27, 2010

"...and there is no grandfather who doesn't adore his grandson"
--Victor Hugo
Jimmie Edwin Rasor

Garrett's Papa Rasor passed away early Thursday morning after suffering a stroke the week before.

I've known Papa Rasor for 8 years and in those 8 years he loved me like I was his own granddaughter.

He and Memaw Rasor always had a smile on their face when Garrett and I (and then later Reese) walked through the door.

He knew about Garrett and I's Tech/UT rivalry of which he agreed with me. So for our two weddings, Papa Rasor wore a Tech tie.

I remember walking through the church before my dads funeral and seeing Papa and Memaw Rasor. They both hugged me and told me how much they loved me.
I will miss how much he loved Reese. He loved to see him and talk about him. Reese is a rowdy "all boy" boy and when he was around Papa Rasor he always had a sweet gentleness about him. I loved to watch them together.

I will miss his stories. He always had a good story. I heard some of them several times, but they never got old.

I will miss seeing him sitting in his green chair. I will miss us giggling that he had dozed off in his green chair for the 5th time in an hour. Already this weekend, him not being in his chair was something I already missed.
I will miss how when Memaw Rasor asked if anyone needed anything he always said "Of course, we need a piece of pie, Momma."

I will miss what a strong man of faith he was that was carried down to his son which was carried to my husband and now will be carried to my son.
But the thing I will miss the most is watching him and Memaw Rasor love one another.

Right after Garrett and I were married he was put in the hospital and we went to see him. When we walked in the room, all he could talk about was how much he loved Memaw Rasor and how he wasn't ready to go because he wasn't done loving her.

They were married for more than 60 years.

I loved how he called her 'Momma' and she called him 'Daddy'.

They were meant for each other and love stories like theirs aren't written much anymore.
Thank you Papa Rasor for the legacy you have left for us all. We love you and will miss you, always.

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  1. I'm so sorry y'all lost such a sweet, generous, funny man. But I'm grateful you have those tender memories to hang on to and pass on to Reese.