Thursday, July 1, 2010

"they would put me in the zoo if they could see what I can do..."
-- Dr. Seuss
We joined the zoo a few weeks ago.

Reese loves the zoo and it gives us something to do and learn about while I'm getting to do the whole stay at home mom thing.

This summer, they have a dinosaur exhibit and that was the hit of the day on our first visit...

Yes, it's picture overload...I know...

You get a stamp when you exit the exhibit so you can come back through as many times as you want the rest of the day. Reese held his arm out straight the whole time because he was so proud of his stamp.

The dinosaur exhibit was quite the hit with all the kids at the zoo. When we were going back through on our 4th time, this family in front of us was posing for pictures. The little girl was quite the diva and she would act scared in her pictures....can you tell where Reese followed suite??

Reese also told the Kimodo dragon he needed to go get some water....

It took forever to get him out of the "creepy crawlies" as he likes to call it.

My days are full when spent with my LT.

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  1. I love seeing all the fun y'all are having this summer!