Friday, July 9, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Psychadelic Popsciles?!

So, I decided to try Funky's tutorial on making Rainbow Pudding Pops with her boys.

And those may or may not be Reese's PJ's.

And we may or may not have still been in them when Garrett got home.

And we may or may not have still had them on after dinner when we had our popscicles!

But we did bathe and get clean Jammers on before bed!

To start off, mix a BIG box of instant vanilla pudding as per directions.

Crystal said they would turn out plain, but since I forgot to pick up some sort of flavoring - I'm thinking orange, pineapple, or coconut would all be GREAT for this - I decided to forego one of the cups of milk for one cup of orange juice.

It added ZILCH for flavor.

But this way, I won't have to explain to a very upset 3 year old at 5 am tomorrow morning how we used all the milk on the popscicles when he is standing at my bedside telling me he's ready for breakfast.
Yes, I said 5 am. That's how we roll at our house. That's how we've always rolled since about 7 months old.

Well, that's how Reese rolls. Who in their right mind is up at 5am?

Anyways, divide them out into as many bowls as you want colors. We went with 5.

We also used gel colors instead of the old fashioned drops. We did one of each of the colors and then I told Reese we could make purple or orange.

You can see we went with purple.

At this point you are supposed to layer the colors into rows into tiny plastic cups. However, the orange juice made the consistancy more runny and when we went to add the second color I realized rather quickly that we were probably going to end up with blackish brown popscicles when all the colors mixed.

Instead, they ended up looking Tie Dyed, which Reese thought was WAY cool.

Stick your sticks in and then freeze.

I hate sticks to not be directly in the center and therefore I may or may not have propped them up against things in the freezer for this to happen.

It may or may not have taken approximately longer to prop them up than to make them.

I may or may not be OCD about some things.

When we do this again (I mean, why wouldn't we? I had all the stuff except the pudding and it cost $0.99. If I had to buy everything it wouldn't cost more than $5 and it took up a good 1 hour of our time. Yes, I'm that mean mom that makes my son wash the dishes with me!)... anyways, when we do this again, here is what I would change....

#1 Use the 3 cups of milk and add some flavoring.

#2 Make more popscicles. I only made 6 and they were way to big for Reese. After eating/sucking on it for 15 minutes, he was done with it and hadn't even made a dent in it. This easily makes 12 popscicles

Go, make this with a little kid. I promise a fun time for all!

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  1. Next time cover the cups with plastic suran wrap and then stick the sticks through and they will stay up. I think I will do this with the kids I nanny.