Monday, July 5, 2010

We'll Just Root, Root, Root for the Home Team.....

There are many perks to Garrett's job.

I guess living in one of the biggest cities in the nation and working for a very big company has perks. Lots of them.

This perk??? Dugout seats to the Astros.

This is the way to see baseball! Reese loved it, I loved it, Daddy loved it!

First up? They truly had women in mind when making these cup holders. PERFECT resting spot for my purse.

My adorable boys ready to go inside.

This night the Astros were playing the Rangers so even though we were sitting on the Astros dugout, we dressed Reese in his Rangers Jersey.

It's been years since I've been to a pro game. They had so much stuff for kids to do inside...

The mascot got on top of the dugout and was throwing out balls....Reese got one handed to him...He was in hog heaven!

Then, in the top of the 6th, the first base coach rolled him over a real baseball...He was super pumped about that...

His choice of stadium food? Popcorn in a helmet. He wanted so badly to pour out all the popcorn so he could wear the helmet....

He now asks to wear his Astros hat everywhere we go.

When we were leaving the stadium, there were trumpet players playing on the corner.

Garrett gave Reese some money to give to him and all Reese could see was the money in his case...

The sweet guy took a picture with Reese for us.

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