Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Much is That Doggy In the Window???

Dog Parks are something new to us.

Abilene is just now getting one so this is something we are learning about...

There is one right across the highway from us, so we take the dogs every morning around 7 am (remember, I have a 5-6am riser if he has a nap).
When I told Reese were were going to the Dog Park he had so many questions...

"Will Ry Ry like the big swing or the baby swing?"

"Does Harwee like the twisty swide?"

"Can I swide with the puppies?"

"Will they have friends at the park?"
Meet Ryder (chocolate mut) and Harley (mini weenie).

Ryder is lazy and fat and just walks in the shade the whole time.

Harley is borderline anorexic skinny and runs his tail off playing with Reese when we are there.

Did you notice Reese playing in the dog obstacles with Harley?

They have a blast!

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