Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did you know?

I am training for a 1/2 Marathon.
My son was adopted. God's hand was evident through the whole process and it is very evident that Reese was created just for our family. Funny how that works.
My quiet time really is the only "me" time I have everyday.
I love to try new recipes.
I cook everyday/night except Sunday. We eat out both meals that day.
Houston and the surronding area serve their hot sauce "warm". It really is gross. I just want some cold or even room temperature hot sauce. Mexican food here is so different from home.
My son is named after my dad, Kenny, who died on my one month wedding anniversary. My nephew is also named after my dad.
I got married twice.
To the same man.
I always get a crazy look when I say that.
My sister got married twice.
To the same man.
She gets crazy looks too.
My cousin, Ashley, came to live with my family when she was 5. I was 17, my sister was 13. She lived with our family until she decided she wanted to live with her dad again when she was 13.
I will have my first of many colonoscopies this year.
My dad and an aunt died of colon cancer.
This is the reason that at 30 I will start the screening process.
Statistics say that either me or my sister will get colon cancer.
I pray that we beat that statistic.
I'm from a town in the panhandle.
I've lived in 3 towns in West Texas.
I'm not in the Greater Houston Area.
Never thought I'd say this, but I like the big city life.
Went to my first fancy, fancy, fancy "big city" restauraunt this week. All it did was confirm that I am a West Texas girl and Outback has perfectly good food.
Don't get me wrong, the food was great, I'm just a plumbers daughter and we didn't do fancy.
And I'm ok with that because fancy just ain't me.
My son has a biological sister and brother.
So, not only is he an only child, but he's a middle child.
I will do whatever is in my power if he wants to meet his biological family someday.
I pray now that I can handle it if and when he comes to me and wants to find them.
I taught my husbands brother when he was an 8th grader.
He was in my very first class when I started teaching.
He is a different kid at home and at school.
Now that he's in college, he's completely different from those two people too!
My husband was adopted.
I love that my son has something to share with his dad.
Makes me the oddball in the house.
I live in a two story house.
This is the first and last time that will happen.
We've only been here 2 months.
I got a long time to learn to love those stairs.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good morning!

time for tea.
except today, we're having coffee.
no you can't have something else.
we've having coffee and then we're trying to go back to bed!

you see, i was up all night with this cute little guy.

he almost coughed his head off.
since we're new in town, i haven't really figured out how our new pedi's office works.
i did speak to the nurse and she said bring him in.
so i did.

his eyes were draining puss, he was coughing up a lung, and a green stream fell from his nose.
all the "stand in" dr cared about was his little rash. a rash that is literally one of those rashes that show up, don't itch, but just make you look red. no meds will help, you just have to let it run its course.

i continued to ask about the other things, the things that really concerned me, to which she ignored. we won't be her "stand in" patients again, i tell ya!

i could go on, but i won't. however, my long night insisted of sleeping in his twin bed with him, making shadow puppets at 3:20 this morning. thats the things of memories, guys.

and honestly, i'm in a bad mood from lack of sleep. and to top it off, garrett is being recognized as the top salesman for all of houston texas and surrounding tonight at a work function. he has to go. i need to go. but you see, when "stand in" didn't give me some meds for my sick boy, it makes it hard for me to want to leave him with a babysitter for the first time since living here.

luckily its his playschool teachers daughter, and they live close, so i trust the situation...we'll see if i go.

but since you came by for tea/coffee, i'd tell you that we are trying to find a sunday school class at church and i kind of feel like i'm in high school again. trying to meet people, trying to make friends in a new place, wanting them to like's hard. but as an adult, its way worse, because first and foremost on my mind is reese. i want friends who have kids that are a good fit for reese. that's like a whole new level of friendship.....

i'd tell you that i want an at home job. one where i can make $1000 a month. know where i can make that happen?

then i'd wrap up by telling you that i've finally realized that to become the mother and wife i want to be, i must, no matter what spend time with Jesus every morning. (i haven't yet this morning, hence the ugly attitude above). seriously, it'll getcha everytime! he makes my heart right and thats a good thing.

i'd get up from the table, yawn a big yawn, stretch a big stretch, and tell you i'm headed upstairs to check and see if reese still has a lung and that i'm going to try to get him to lay down....

please come again next week, it'll be better ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back again, so soon?

It's time for Tea...but we're in a hurry....we're headed to Bible Study, so a trip through Sonic will have to work for today....order whatever you want, my treat!

I'd tell you that I've really been struggling with the fact that I can't have another baby...I mean, or even one. My son was adopted and he is perfect and everything surrounding bringing him home is perfect and I see the hand of God on the whole situation, but I'd by lying if I said I didn't yearn for another one. Combined with the fact that people around me are growing bellies at the speed of light, this thing is consuming me. So I gave it over to God...and in His time I'll have another or I won't. And I'm learning to be ok with that. It's been a process since 2005 when I had the surgery that put me in this position.

I'd tell you that I'm enjoying my quiet time. I really am enjoying it and I wish that I wouldn't have let so much time go by since I've truly and honestly sought out the Lord and his plan and will for my life. Its such a good thing...

I'd tell you that training for this 1/2 marathon is no laughing matter and there are days I want to run right back into the house, but I will do it. When it gets tough, I imagine my dad sitting in the hospital receiving chemo via needles, something he hated with a passion. And I think to myself, if my dad could endure that pain for 2 years, surely I can run a few more minutes. Besides, he is my motivation and I am running in his honor....

I'd tell you this song is really speaking to me right I'd want you to enjoy it too.

I'd tell you that I really need to get back to life with my son because it's precious and all too soon I won't have this time.

I'd hug your neck and send you on your way...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tea on Tuesdays...

i'm honored that you decided to join me today for tea.
tea on tuesdays is something christi at greyumbrella is doing.
it's real life, your heart, sharing what is on your heart with others.
please feel free to join in as well.

i'd offer you a drink of coffee, sweet tea or some of reese's v8 juice, but we are headed out to katy to return a christmas gift.
since we'll be in the car for the hour trip, i'd love for you to join me so we can chat :)

i'd tell you that last night was rough. reese has a habit of waking up anywhere between 2-4 and coming to get in bed with us. no it's not every night, but more than we'd like. so we finally said enough is enough and decided that last night we'd take him back to his bed. it broke my heart to hear him scream "i just want to love you. i just want to love you momma." sweet love really does love that time in bed with us, and to be honest, he snuggles close. it was hard. after an hour of back and forth, up and down the stairs, i finally decided he just wanted to feel close to us, so i laid on the couch upstairs to finishing sleeping (he started all this at 4). about every 45 minutes, he'd say "momma??" just to make sure i was still there...sweet love. i'd tell you it broke my heart, but he is almost 4 and we can't be having this anymore...

i'd tell you that i'm training for my first 1/2 marathon, and you'd probably look at me and say "yeah right", but i am. and i will complete it. i gained more than the freshman 15...a whole lot more and i've got to do something about it. i've run two 5ks so far and my training started last week. i fell behind some and so i ran 4 miles last night. it took me an hour to do it, but i did it, and i tell you this.... i'm darn proud of myself. i felt last night that i could and can cross that finish line after running 13 miles. i will do it. and i will hear my dad cheering me on... because i truly believe no one would be more proud of me than him.

i'd tell you that houston and living here has been completely different than what i thought. i thought i'd hate it. in fact, about 18 months ago garrett and i swore we'd never live here. and here we are and I.LOVE.IT. period. we both desire to be back in west texas at some point...but for now, we love it here (me more than him since i don't have to worry about traffic in a morning commute). we really are content. and i think thats a good place to be.

i'd tell you that i don't feel i have anything interesting to blog about so i quit blogging and i'm ok with that. i may get tired of it after this post and you may not hear from me for another 5 months and that'll be ok too.

i'd tell you that i lost a friendship this year and honestly, it's been freeing. sometimes when you are in the midst of it all it is so hard to see or be thankful for. but now, after 6 months, i can truly say i am ok with this. i deal with far less drama and i have more time for my family because i am not consumed in another familys drama.

i'd tell you that i am "praying God's word" via thepoefam and i've already learned amazing things from it. God is speaking to me and he is speaking my language. i'd tell you that i am honestly trying to seek christ with my whole heart and so far this year, i feel christ, i see him in the everyday...and that feels good.

i'd tell you that i'd love you to come over, because even though i love houston, i miss my friends. its not easy to find and quickly make deep friendships.

i'd tell you my heart is full at all i've been blessed with and that i'm trying to remember that more...

i'd tell you we should do this more often. i'd hug your neck and tell you if i don't hear from me again, i'll be back next tuesday for tea :)