Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good morning!

time for tea.
except today, we're having coffee.
no you can't have something else.
we've having coffee and then we're trying to go back to bed!

you see, i was up all night with this cute little guy.

he almost coughed his head off.
since we're new in town, i haven't really figured out how our new pedi's office works.
i did speak to the nurse and she said bring him in.
so i did.

his eyes were draining puss, he was coughing up a lung, and a green stream fell from his nose.
all the "stand in" dr cared about was his little rash. a rash that is literally one of those rashes that show up, don't itch, but just make you look red. no meds will help, you just have to let it run its course.

i continued to ask about the other things, the things that really concerned me, to which she ignored. we won't be her "stand in" patients again, i tell ya!

i could go on, but i won't. however, my long night insisted of sleeping in his twin bed with him, making shadow puppets at 3:20 this morning. thats the things of memories, guys.

and honestly, i'm in a bad mood from lack of sleep. and to top it off, garrett is being recognized as the top salesman for all of houston texas and surrounding tonight at a work function. he has to go. i need to go. but you see, when "stand in" didn't give me some meds for my sick boy, it makes it hard for me to want to leave him with a babysitter for the first time since living here.

luckily its his playschool teachers daughter, and they live close, so i trust the situation...we'll see if i go.

but since you came by for tea/coffee, i'd tell you that we are trying to find a sunday school class at church and i kind of feel like i'm in high school again. trying to meet people, trying to make friends in a new place, wanting them to like's hard. but as an adult, its way worse, because first and foremost on my mind is reese. i want friends who have kids that are a good fit for reese. that's like a whole new level of friendship.....

i'd tell you that i want an at home job. one where i can make $1000 a month. know where i can make that happen?

then i'd wrap up by telling you that i've finally realized that to become the mother and wife i want to be, i must, no matter what spend time with Jesus every morning. (i haven't yet this morning, hence the ugly attitude above). seriously, it'll getcha everytime! he makes my heart right and thats a good thing.

i'd get up from the table, yawn a big yawn, stretch a big stretch, and tell you i'm headed upstairs to check and see if reese still has a lung and that i'm going to try to get him to lay down....

please come again next week, it'll be better ;)

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  1. I am so sorry your little guy was sick!! It's just awful when they feel bad! I can't imagine how hard it is to be in a new town, meeting new people, not knowing the "ins and outs" of everything. I pray you will meet some wonderful women (with kiddos that can play with Reese) that you connect with and want to hang out with. Friendships are just hard, even at our age!

    I struggle everyday trying to figure out what kind of mother and wife I want to be...and how Jesus fits in to all of that. Such a daily struggle! If you figure it out, let me know!! :)

    I hope you got some rest and that Reese is feeling better. See you next week!