Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did you know?

I am training for a 1/2 Marathon.
My son was adopted. God's hand was evident through the whole process and it is very evident that Reese was created just for our family. Funny how that works.
My quiet time really is the only "me" time I have everyday.
I love to try new recipes.
I cook everyday/night except Sunday. We eat out both meals that day.
Houston and the surronding area serve their hot sauce "warm". It really is gross. I just want some cold or even room temperature hot sauce. Mexican food here is so different from home.
My son is named after my dad, Kenny, who died on my one month wedding anniversary. My nephew is also named after my dad.
I got married twice.
To the same man.
I always get a crazy look when I say that.
My sister got married twice.
To the same man.
She gets crazy looks too.
My cousin, Ashley, came to live with my family when she was 5. I was 17, my sister was 13. She lived with our family until she decided she wanted to live with her dad again when she was 13.
I will have my first of many colonoscopies this year.
My dad and an aunt died of colon cancer.
This is the reason that at 30 I will start the screening process.
Statistics say that either me or my sister will get colon cancer.
I pray that we beat that statistic.
I'm from a town in the panhandle.
I've lived in 3 towns in West Texas.
I'm not in the Greater Houston Area.
Never thought I'd say this, but I like the big city life.
Went to my first fancy, fancy, fancy "big city" restauraunt this week. All it did was confirm that I am a West Texas girl and Outback has perfectly good food.
Don't get me wrong, the food was great, I'm just a plumbers daughter and we didn't do fancy.
And I'm ok with that because fancy just ain't me.
My son has a biological sister and brother.
So, not only is he an only child, but he's a middle child.
I will do whatever is in my power if he wants to meet his biological family someday.
I pray now that I can handle it if and when he comes to me and wants to find them.
I taught my husbands brother when he was an 8th grader.
He was in my very first class when I started teaching.
He is a different kid at home and at school.
Now that he's in college, he's completely different from those two people too!
My husband was adopted.
I love that my son has something to share with his dad.
Makes me the oddball in the house.
I live in a two story house.
This is the first and last time that will happen.
We've only been here 2 months.
I got a long time to learn to love those stairs.


  1. Hi Tiffany,
    How is your training going? I've missed seeing posts ... update us on life! Hope all is well!

  2. Hey br buddy! I think you're doing just fine with training, especially since you have been running fir months! Can't wait to see you love!