Friday, April 23, 2010

Five Fact Friday.....

In the spirit of it being are FIVE random facts...

#1 I am deathly afraid of any type of storm. When the weather comes on in the spring, I always make sure to see what time the storms are predicted to hit. This way, I am sure to have us all home in case we need to "take shelter immediately". I am almost to the point of crazy, and often spend the months of April and May in tears at night as the storms roll through. Been this way my whole life. And, I'm sure moving to a hurricane area will only intensify this fear.

#2 There has ever been only one person who could completely calm me of these storms. My dad. Even at 24, I could call him and he would talk me through it. It was something he knew he could do for me and often acknowledged it in some of his very sweet cards to me. I feel it was one of "our" things.

#3 I have ZERO desire to leave the USA. I could find all the travel and fun I could want here. I like Mexico, but could do without it too. The world has some amazing places to visit, yet I have NO desire. NONE.

#4 I'm a homebody. I enjoy my home and my space way more than venturing out. Don't get me wrong, I love to be out and about at times, but much more prefer my own digs than someone elses.

#5 I am ambedextrious. I write with my right had and I play basketball with my right hand. Everything else is with my left. Tennis, golf, baseball, a young child my dad taught me to play softball left handed and it stuck.

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  1. i'm a homebody too! :) thanks for stopping by! :)