Monday, September 13, 2010

Lemonade Pie

Garrett's favorite dessert is Lemon Icebox Pie. Reese and I usually bake something on Mondays to enjoy all week. Usually we make what we like or what is easy for him. Usually it is nothing Garrett really enjoys.

This week, I decided to make something that I knew Garrett would love.

I searched online for a recipe but almost everything was way whackadoo (yes, that's a word!) and something I didn't want to try. Then, I stumbled upon this one and decided we'd try this version.
(If this ain't a plug for WalMart, I don't know what is?!)
-Graham cracker crust
-frozen juice of choice (we did lemonade - i want to try limade, pink lemonade, and maybe some others too!)
-1 tub of coolwhip
-1 can of eagle brand

First things first.....get you a helper! I've obviously snagged up the cutest one, so you'll have to make do with whoever is left!
Take the lid off the coolwhip and IMMEDIATELY be nagged by said cute helper to eat it....I gave him the lid to lick. That lasted all of 2 seconds and he wanted something else!
Pour eagle brand, coolwhip, and lemonade in bowl to mix.

Mix until blended well.

I would advise against using the whole can of juice. I'd say between 1/2 a can and 3/4 a can. We did 3/4 and it took a bit longer to set up. Ours was also thawed 100%.

Pour into pie crust.

Cover and set in the freezer for at LEAST 3 hours....the longer you can wait, the better!

I should mention that Garrett ate this as his dinner at 6pm. At 7pm he had one leftover slice of pizza from BJ's (that place is like Heaven on Earth!). At 9 pm he had about 1/2 of the rest of the pie!

So glad I found something Garrett loves. I liked it, it was super good - but when I say that it made it 2 days in our freezer, that is a stretch! It was cheap, easy, and good. This is something I will mix in with his nightly icecream treats...

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