Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayer Pail

We are working with Reese on his prayers. Up to this point, he has "recited" different prayers...

The Lord's Prayer, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep....

We tried to get him to pray from his heart and he would have none of it.

So, I made him a Prayer Pail.

I took big popsicle sticks, wrote the names of the people we love on the sticks, and even a few "Thank you Jesus for......., and Please Forgive me for......"

At dinner, we all 3 draw from the pail and pray for whoever is on our "stick".

Last night the prayer was for his Uncle Michael.

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for Michael. Please forgive him and tell him JoeJoe wants to play. Help him at work and when he comes home he colors with JoeJoe. Amen".

They really are the sweetest things to hear. His bedtime prayer is up to him. Lately he's been praying for Harley who has an "owie" on his nose.

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